Understanding Colors and Tones in Lightroom

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What You’ll Learn

If you struggle with editing photos in Lightroom and can’t seem to get your colors right, or your images lack depth, this is the course for you. In this course, David will de-mystify colors and tones in Lightroom. By separating colors from tones you can better understand and visualize how the adjustments you make on the raw file affect the final image.

Topics covered in this course:

  • What are tones and why it is beneficial to remove the color temporarily to adjust them.
  • Overview of Ansel Adams Zone System and why parts of it are pertinent to digital photography.
  • How to use the Histogram with the Zone System to prevent loss of detail in the shadows and highlights.
  • Creating Tonal Contrast and why it is important to create images that have life and depth.
  • Understanding white balance by studying landscape painters and how they used cool shadows and warm highlights to create depth.
  • Using extreme saturation temporarily to help visualize white balance.
  • 20 examples in Lightroom showcasing a variety of subjects including grand landscapes and small scenes.
  • Make your Lightroom workflow quick and easy using these simple methods to create stunning results.

Video List

  1. Intro
  2. Zone System
  3. Bringing the Zone System and the Histogram Together
  4. Tonal Contrast
  5. Color and White Balance
  6. Lightroom Techniques
  7. Badlands Example
  8. Aspen Trees Example
  9. Green Leaves Example
  10. Aspen Leaves Example
  11. Twilight Aspen Example
  12. Mud Cracks Example
  13. Badlands First Light Example
  14. Badlands Twilight Example
  15. Badwater Example
  16. White Pocket Example
  17. Rocky Mountain National Park Example
  18. Death Valley Mud Cracks Example
  19. Alabama Hills Example
  20. Waterfall Example
  21. Waterfall and Columbines Example
  22. Zion Narrows Example
  23. Death Valley Example
  24. Twilight Sand Dunes Example
  25. Stormy Sand Dunes Example

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Example Images Processed in this Video Series


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