A New Trailer!

For the past year and a half I have been living out of ‘Bertha’ my trusty 4×4 van, we have had some incredible adventures, and it was truly an experience I will never forget. I had adapted to living on the road with minimal needs and I learned a lot from this, but I was tired. I was tired of not being able to stand up to change my clothes, I was tired of filling the cooler with ice, I was tired of not having a freezer, I was tired of not having a shower, I was tired looking for a bathroom every morning, I was tired of finding libraries or coffee shops to work out of, I was tired of cooking outside, and I was tired of being cold and uncomfortable.

The time had come for a major upgrade. I got the bug to start looking at trailers, I knew I wanted something small to keep it fairly minimalist. I initially looked at R-Pods and was on my way to getting one, but then came across the Nash 17k. I immediately fell in love with the floor plan, and that it is the smallest 4 season trailer on the market (that I am aware of). The price seemed like a fantasy to me, so I had largely written off the idea of obtaining this trailer, until I found a barely used 2016 in Helena, MT…time for a road trip. Keep in mind that when I found this I was in Death Valley, and I had to drive back to Colorado first, I had many long days of driving ahead of me!

I locked in a price with the dealer (Helena RV, they rock!), secured my loan all over the phone, and was on my way to Montana, back to where my 2 year journey (so far) started. I made the 13 hour drive over 2 days, arrived at the dealer, installed my weight distributing hitch on the trailer, signed the papers and hit the road back to Colorado. I spent the next couple weeks at my Dad’s house getting the trailer setup with solar, inverter, etc.

I am now camped at a boondocking site just outside of Moab, UT  where I am writing this article from the comfort of my home, looking out my huge picture window with my laptop powered by solar energy. Pure bliss. Next month more exciting changes are on the way, stay tuned 😉

Thus far my 120w of solar power are a bit lacking, although the cloudy days are not helping. Thankfully my uncle gave me an old 800w Honda generator that is enough to keep the batteries charged up on these cloudy days, but I would love to be free of this. My plan is to add a bank of 4 6 volt batteries, and at least one more 100w solar panel, which will also require a better solar controller than what the trailer came with. I may need to remove the TV antenna to fit more solar on my roof, which does not bother me since I do not even have a TV in the rig and do not plan on getting one.

I am very happy with the decision to get this trailer, it feels like life on the road is sustainable now. #vanlife was wearing me down, and I was not sure how much longer I could continue.

Let me know if you have any questions about the trailer, or if you ever see me around I would be happy to give you the grand tour!

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