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Review of Breakthrough Photography Filters
Full disclosure: Breakthrough Photography sent me these filters to review and the links in this post are affiliate links that[...]
2018 Photography Workshops Announcement
We have had an incredible year teaching our fellow photographers and helping them to find their creativity. 2018 is going[...]
TPE 3D Review
For years The Photographer's Ephemeris has been an indispensable tool for landscape photographers. It has helped us plan many shoots[...]
Guide to Solid ND Filters
Solid ND filters are an essential part of my landscape photography kit, yet I come across many photographers that do[...]
Creating Telephoto Landscapes
When people think of landscape photographs, most will associate using a wide-angle and standard focal length lenses. Wide angle lenses[...]
Luminosity Mask Panel Review
I have been a user of Tony Kuypers luminosity masks for many years, back when they were just actions creating[...]
Sharpening Fujifilm RAW Files Without Worms
UPDATE: I have since abandoned Lightroom for a large part, and now process all images in Capture One Pro, which[...]
Mindshift BackLight 26L Review
    Recently I upgraded my Fujifilm lenses to their top of the line XF series zoom lenses, due to[...]
Predicting Weather for Landscape Photography
Predicting weather is arguably one of the most important aspects of landscape photography; we are bound by the weather to[...]
Review – Fujifilm X-T2 For Landscape Photography
It has been 2 years since I wrote my Review of the Fuji X-T1. If you are new to the[...]
Review of Mindshift Chest Pack
This summer I have been testing out the new Mindshift chest pack called the Mindshift Multi-Mount Holster, I chose the[...]
Recovering Deleted Photos
At one point or another we have all made the mistake of deleting a photo from our camera, or formatting[...]
Evernote for landscape photography scouting
    Landscape photography invokes wanderlust in the majority of us, we see a a location on the Internet we[...]
Review of Vallerret Photography Gloves
I have issues with cold hands, I may even have a mild case of Raynaud's disease. My hands get cold[...]
In Defense of Post Processing
A recent photo I posted of this butte in southern Utah generated a small amount of controversy because of my[...]
Tools for the Self Employed Photographer
I wanted to share the tools I have found that make self employed life manageable. Running every aspect of your[...]
Mindshift rotation180° Horizon 34L Review
Years ago I reviewed the first generation of the revolutionary Mindshift 180 bag, it was my favorite bag yet. At[...]
Free Lightroom Presests for Landscape Photography
I have been hard at work to create a set of Landscape Photography Presets that are not gimmicky. No instagram-like[...]
Colorado Fall Color Resources
This post is out of date, please visit our new page... Below are a list of pages to find updates[...]
Advice For New Photographers – Do Not Learn To Use Your Camera First
I started my foray into photography as most people have in this day and age; technical manuals that teach you[...]
Free Lightroom Presets
I am happy to announce a new suite of Lightroom presets that I have been developing, and they are all[...]
Review of Fujifilm XF 16mm f/1.4 R WR Lens
The Fuji 16mm is a highly anticipated lens that I was excited to get my hands on. All Fuji lenses[...]
Giving Composition Credit in Landscape Photography
I will start this by giving credit to Guy Tal for the inspiration to write this post, after reading an[...]
Finding Inspiration in Landscape Photography
Feeling disenchanted and uninspired by the front page of 500px? I certainly am. We are inundated with the flashy, often[...]
Staying safe while photographing in remote areas
As landscape photographers we often spend extended periods of time in remote areas that are devoid of a cell signal,[...]
Experiences with Fujifilm Repair
I was hoping this post wouldn't have come so soon, which is no fault of the gear, it's because I'm[...]
Firecrest 16 stop ND Filter Review
Update 5/18/16 - Singh Ray has contacted me after finally seeing this review and has informed me that I likely[...]
Lightweight tripod for tall photographers
Part of my transition to mirrorless involved lightening my load in all ways possible. Now that I don't have a[...]
Fuji Mirrorless system for Landscape Photography
Update: I have a new post Review Fujifilm X-T2 For Landscape Photography, but keep reading to see why I love[...]
Review of Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD
I have never been terribly interested in wildlife photography, quite frankly the price of the lenses required are out of[...]
Review of Canon 16-35 f/2.8L II Lens
Ever since I switched to the Canon 6D I've been interested in the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II lens, it seemed like the perfect[...]
Night Photography eBook – Nightscape
I'm very excited to announce my first eBook "Nightscape". This is not an eBook that only covers a few basics[...]
The Ultimate Lightweight Camera for Night Photography
A big thank you to BorrowLenses for sending me these camera bodies to test out! Weight, the enemy of every hiker and[...]
Review of Tiffen Double Fog Filter
Previously I showed how to achieve this effect in Photoshop: Fog Filter Effect for Stars in Photoshop, I finally got around[...]
Review of Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 for Night Photography
As if another review of the venerable Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 was really necessary. Everyone knows this is the best wide angle lens[...]
Canon 6D vs. Nikon D600 High ISO Night Photography
For the price the Canon 6D and the Nikon D600 are the best cameras for night photography hands down, you can't go wrong with[...]
35mm f/1.4 Lenses Compared for Night Photography
In a previous post The Best Lenses for Night Photography I highly recommended Rokinon lenses due to their lack of coma[...]
Review of MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Pro Backpack
For the past 6 months I have been using the MindShift rotation180° Professional as my main day hiking pack. Prior to this[...]
Update for Recommended Night Photography Gear
My D700 after a long fridgid night of shooting Aurora timelapseI've made some major updates to my pages for Recommended[...]
Complete Guide to Photograph the 2013 Perseids Meteor Shower
The 2013 Perseids meteor shower is approaching fast, I want to share with you my methods to capture an image[...]
The Last Photography Planning App You Will Ever Need
I use my iPhone for planning and scouting my photography locations a LOT. Over the years I have found a[...]
Review of Oben CT-2491 Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs
When B&H asked me to review an Oben tripod I was skeptical to say the least, who's even heard of this brand and how[...]
Nikon D7100 – Cropped Sensor for Night Photography?
After my previous test The Best Nikon for Night Photography I was bombarded with requests to test the new contender in[...]
Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower & How to Create a Layered Composite Meteor Shower Image
The annual meteor shower Eta Aquarids is this coming weekend (the night of May 4th and morning of May 5th)[...]
Focusing at Night
Over the years I've dabbled with many different techniques to achieve proper focus at nightHyperfocalThis has become my go-to method[...]
Flashlight to Retain Night Vision
Maintaining your night vision is an important factor for night photography. If you want to fully take in the natural[...]
Ten Steps to Photograph the Milky Way
A camera body with high ISO capabilities, preferably a full frame sensor. I have a review of Nikon full frame[...]
Nikon Night Photography Shootout
Ever since Nikon released their new camera bodies last year I have been debating which body to upgrade to. I[...]
Fog Filter Effect for Stars in Photoshop
Advances in digital photography allow us to capture incredibly detailed photos of the night sky. In fact, what the camera[...]
Lens Profile for Rokinon Samyang 14mm 2.8
I've been recommending the Rokinon 14mm 2.8 (a.k.a. Samyang, Bower) lens for night photography where it excels as one of the[...]
Fisheyes for Night Photography
I've been looking to add a fisheye to my arsenal of night photography lenses, but I was never able to[...]
Night Photography Gear for any Budget
I've had a lot of inquiries about selecting camera gear to do the type night photography I do. This is a[...]
How to avoid Star Trails with the ‘500 Rule’
Due to the rotation of the earth it appears as though the stars are moving through the sky in long[...]
Prime Time! – Lenses for Night Photography
I'm often asked what the best lenses are for night photography, my recommendations may be a pleasant surprise to your[...]
External Power for a Nikon D700
After my first successful attempt at shooting the Perseids meteor shower I became addicted. I have shot 2 other meteor[...]
Nature Photography Tools for Predicting Weather
Creating nature photographs that really stand out takes more than just leaving the house on a nice day and hoping[...]
Comet Like Star Trails
UPDATE: Since I've written this my friend has produced a Photoshop script to automate this process, see the Waguila Stacker.[...]
Registering Copyright of Published Images
Have you registered your Copyright? No? Why not? Do you feel it’s unnecessary because you own the copyright as soon[...]