Free Lightroom Presets

I am happy to announce a new suite of Lightroom presets that I have been developing, and they are all free!


These are the classic presets that have been available at and the same presets included in my eBook Nightscape, if you have already downloaded them there is no need to download again.

Advanced Nightscape

A whole new set of presets developed for more advanced users that run into complicated problems like airglow, light pollution, haze, and layered light painting. Along with new sharpening and noise reduction presets.


I developed these specifically to mimic the in camera look you get from Fuji cameras.


I used a unique method to achieve beautiful tonality in black and white images for a variety of scenes. If you are used to the typical black and white conversions in Lightroom you are in for a pleasant surprise with these presets.

Tired of reading and want to download them all? Donate using one of the buttons below and you can download them all at once. Otherwise go to each page to get them all for free individually. If you do not have the means to donate you can also support me by using the Amazon and B&H portals to buy your gear (drag these links to your bookmarks to use anytime you buy). Thank you for the support!

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