Porphyry Basin

On day 3 of my trip the weather began to change and thunderstorms would become more prevalent for the rest of the trip, from my prior online scouting I knew Porphyry Basin would be a good location for an overcast day, with much potential for intimate landscapes. This often photographed waterfall was surrounded by very …

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Gold King Basin

On day 2 of my trip I ventured from Governor Basin and ventured up to Imogene Pass, the flowers were very nice in this area but the lighting was harsh so I continued up to the top, there is an area to stop at the top of the pass, I then hiked a short but …

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Governor Basin

‘ve been slacking on getting these images processed! This is day 2 of my trip where I went to Governor Basin which is right next to Yankee Boy Basin, this basin gets much less attention although I think it deserves more. The wildflowers were putting on a very nice display and the weather was perfect. …

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Yankee Boy Basin

Day one of my 2012 wildflower trip started at Yankee Boy Basin, a very well known hot spot in Colorado that I had never been to before. The landscape was vast and extremely impressive, but due to the extreme drought in Colorado this year the wildflowers were sparse and could only be found at 12,000ft …

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Backpack to Mirror Lake

Sunday morning I embarked on a journey with fellow flickr friends Steve andJon that I’ve had my sights on for many years but didn’t have the physical ability to accomplish. Ever since I saw images of Lone Eagle Peak reflecting in Mirror Lake I knew I had to go, there was a problem though, it is a fairly …

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South Dakota Storm Chase

Every year my family reunion is at the end of June and has been in South Dakota for the past couple years, last year I wasn’t big into storm chasing so I didn’t know that this is peak tornado season in SD, I was able to capture this image of a huge storm a whim, but it was a complete surprise, this year I was ready for action. 

Early June Storm Chases

Wow, what a week it has been. Three storm chases in one week will wear you down! It started out on June 2nd in central Colorado just South of Brush, CO. As I was traveling down Hwy 71 the storm was about to cross the highway, I saw lots of dust being kicked up and …

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Super Moon

Saturday I decided to get out of the house and go shoot the ‘super moon’…well, not really. I don’t have enough lens for that. So I ventured out to the Never Summer Wilderness in North central Colorado in hopes of scouting out a location for the milky way this month. I’ve been up to this …

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Storm Chase 4/26/12

NE Colorado Storm Chase 4/26/12 The models for this day changed on a regular basis, my original target was going to be in SE Colorado but as the day progressed it was looking better in Eastern Colorado as the other storms were shifting south into New Mexico. I headed down to Denver to pickup John De …

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