David Kingham

David is a professional landscape and nature photographer originally from Loveland, Colorado who is now traveling the American West full-time in an RV with his photography and life partner Jennifer Renwick, and their two cats. David has published an eBook called Nightscape and has in-depth videos on post-processing. David and his partner Jennifer Renwick find joy in teaching others photography in their photography workshops, and through their blog.

Ugrades to our Nash 17k Trailer

RV’s do not come from the factory intended for living in them full-time, over the past year I have made a number of upgrades that make living out of our RV more pleasant.

A Solo Nomad No More!

Last fall I met someone who I knew would change my life forever, she was sweet, kind, and we shared all the same interests. Over the next several months she would visit me in Death Valley and Zion. Finally in April she left her job as a Certified Vet Tech to join me on the …

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A New Trailer!

For the past year and a half I have been living out of ‘Bertha’ my trusty 4×4 van, we have had some incredible adventures, and it was truly an experience I will never forget. I had adapted to living on the road with minimal needs and I learned a lot from this, but I was …

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A Year in Review

Reflecting back on the past year I could not name this post how I changed my life as in years past. My life has changed of course and I have evolved as I will always continue to do, but I did not have any major revelations that I felt warranted a dramatic post title. I …

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How to keep clean as a nomad

This is one of those taboo subjects that nobody likes to talk about, but it is one of the harsh realities of living on the road, where you do not have access to a shower every day. Before figuring out these little tricks, I could only go a few days without shower before I became quite disgusting, now I can go for a week without a shower and still be fairly fresh!

Learning to be alone

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”— Carl Gustav Jung We have all experienced it at one point, that uncomfortable feeling of being alone with only your thoughts. It is haunting facing what races through your mind, your fears, of the future, regrets from the past. All you can think about is what was …

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