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External Power for a Nikon D700

After my first successful attempt at shooting the Perseids meteor shower I became addicted. I have shot 2 other meteor showers since then and have more planned for the future. Photographing a meteor shower can put quite the stress on your camera, especially the battery. Cold conditions in the mountains and taking continuous 30 second

Nature Photography Tools for Predicting Weather

Creating nature photographs that really stand out takes more than just leaving the house on a nice day and hoping to get lucky. Dedicated nature photographers must research and plan from a host of variables that will make or break a great shot. Weather is the biggest thing new nature photographers miss out on, they

Comet Like Star Trails

UPDATE: Since I’ve written this my friend has produced a Photoshop script to automate this process, see the Waguila Stacker. If you prefer to do it manually or want a little more control, read on. I’ve seen a few very unique images recently that turned star trails into what almost look like a sky full

Registering Copyright of Published Images

Have you registered your Copyright? No? Why not? Do you feel it’s unnecessary because you own the copyright as soon as you press the shutter? While this is true there are some important facts you must consider: If you register you are entitled to sue for attorneys fees as well as punitive damages, not simply

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